skin care

skin care

Have blocked pores and spots you want to get rid off? Then buy sea salt its not expensive just around 1 euro 19 cent in tesco or a any other shop like that but i used tescos anyway,wet your face with warm water and rub sea salt on your face (avoiding your eyes) and leave for a few minutes then rinse of with warm water after you have rinsed it over pat dry with a towel or face cloth DO NOT rub your skin dry EVER pat it. Also when you rinse all of the salt off throw cold water up on your face to close your poress as the warm water opens them. Do this every night for about a week if it works keep it up every skin type is different so just try it i hope this helps some of you as i know whats its like to have spots (mild acne) so ye just try this and hopefully it will help you. xx


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